sábado, 19 de junho de 2010

I´m swimming

" Your songs remind me of swimming,

Which I forgot when I started to sink

Sat on the bottom of the ocean,

A stern and stubborn rock

Cos your songs remind me of swimming,

But somehow I forgot

I tried to remember the chorus,
I can't remember the verse
Cos that song that sent me swimming,

Is now the life jacket that burst

Take a deep breath, suck the water in my chest
Cross my fingers and hope for the best

Then all of a sudden, I heard a note,
It started in my chest and ended in my throat
And then I realised
then I realise
And then I realised

I was swimming,
yes, I was swimming

And now I´ m swimming

YES, I ´M SWIMMING !!!!! "

Florence & the Machine - Swimming

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